From i-spy to ‘guess a number’

Follow on from the last post – from i-spy to ‘guess what number I’m thinking of’.  It didn’t take long for rules to appear, such as say ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ or we’ll not guess before we get there!  Randomly guessing a number was fun, so long as it was definately between 1 and 10.  any higher just took too long…

Anyway, once established, we tried to guess numbers in as few guesses as possible (over a few days, admittedly).  We got quite good at this (NB with R, it’s normally 99). So much so, we’d guessed in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 but not 6.  Ok, I said – one more go. ‘I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 100’.

They got it right on the 6th guess.  AMAZING!  The things you’ll do as a mother for a bit of peace…

8.30 is too early for upset 7 year olds

Except she’s actually 9 today…

Playing i-spy again yesterday on the way to school.

d says ‘v’.  Turned out to be for ‘very, very, very small car’ (MX5)

Later it was ‘n’.  The first clue was ‘3 letters’.

My guesses were not, nat, nut, nib, nob,

2nd clue was ‘n-u’, leading to nug, nub, num..

Yes!  R chimes in with ‘but numb has a ‘b’ on the end.


It turns out he’s fine.

ok, so I always new the first day back to work/school would be a bit of a shock to the system…

Swiftly got them to school, me to work (on time I might add), email waiting from Husband – 6am. reached Bangkok.  11.50am. we’re here. bed calling. At least I know he’s there.

Got the weans from school to find D covered in a huge rash.  don’t know what from, but after much discussion with the mother at whose house he slept Friday night have come to the conclusion of a certain dye in new duvet covers.  Went to the doctor just to check, and he said it was an allergy thing after checking eyes, throat, neck, tummy, ears… and yes, the rash did ‘blanch’ when pressed – the first thing I checked!

So now am home, he is settled in front of the wii, dinner is nearly done, R is on her way from a friend’s house, and all I need to do is keep an eye on him in case more symptoms appear – oh, and give him a dose of antihistamines before bed.

The drawback of all this, was that I had to confess to the doctor that yesterday to eat he had weetabix and milk, ham and crisp sandwiches, and sausage rolls with garlic bread. The one day we don’t have a proper main meal…

What can I say, I couldn’t be bothered to cook after taking Husband to the airport, so I asked them what they wanted for dinner.

I’m baaaaaack!

Ok, so it’s been over a year,  but I wanted to reassure you all that I am still here.  Some may need reassuring, given one of my later posts was regarding being depressed….

Anyway.  Update on my life…

Still living in Glasgow, and still loving it.  Both me and Husband have permanent jobs (yay!).  D is now 7 and R will be 9 next week.  I feel old.  I am feeling guilty about not having kept in touch with people very well, so if I haven’t spoken to you in months, you may well get an email or message on facebook or similar.  Already found out about 2 new arrivals. Aren’t Christmas cards great?!

All this introspection is mainly due to the success of medication and therapy and belief.

That’s all for now, here’s hoping there’ll be more within 2009!

Happy New Year everybody!

Well it’s been a while…

Where has the year gone? I promised Husband I wouldn’t rant anymore about how being in Scotland the schools have been back for weeks before the ‘how to make the first day of school easy on yourself’ articles come on the radio/newspaper/tv. Is it any wonder we want to be a separate country??

anyway… Big news (for me) I am on anti-depressants. woo. Only taken 8 years or so to realise this was not my natural mental state, it is actually possible for me to be happy for a whole day(!) and I’m not naturally that grumpy. Unless I had caffeine yesterday. and I believe I may be intolerant to chocolate in the same way (bummer). wow this entry doesn’t ramble much does it?

Apparantly I am so good at convincing everyone around me that I was fine, maybe I should consider acting?

one for the back burner I think…

I got a free vegetable slicer

and all I had to do was stand in Asda and listen to an infomercial about how great a knife was. What I ended up with is a ‘spiral cutter’. Basically you stick it in the top of a cucumber (or carrot, courgette etc) and twirl it around. You end up with a spiral of the veg – very pretty as a garnish, and you never know, it may help with getting young’uns to eat raw veg.

and yes, when R had the book on her head it was tented to be a roof.